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Grateful to everyone who was part of this path. Thank you for sharing, for caring and for being actively agents of change. With you, the world is and will be much better.

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     Teresa

Pedro Meneses

"For me the best way to describe my experience with Family Constellations is, above all, to describe how they shaped my life. I came to them in 2009 and since then they have not ceased to fascinate me for their incisive ability to get straight to the point. key, bluntly, without false moralisms that are impractical for our daily lives; as well as the affective support they give us, the understanding of human beings and their dynamics.

Without a doubt, I recommend anyone to try it at least once in their lives and you will certainly not be disappointed. Bet on yourselves and discover a whole new world within yourselves."

Pedro Meneses

carla almeida

"The therapy came to me through a former student, I never calculated how much my life would change some time later. Yes, because it wasn't love at first sight, but when a few months later, in a first constellation, in a training of students in training that year.refreshingin annual training as well as in

therapy sessions. Effectively, it is an awakening to understanding life, respect for all the family members that are in our family tree, those we know and those we don't know, acceptance and understanding of everything that happened from childhood until now, accepting the parents who are not at all perfect. Above all, it brought greater attention and alertness to what is happening around me, since without a doubt there are no coincidences. My harvest will be based on what I can sow, according to the dedication and commitment that is put into it. And in the end, everything works out. Looking back I am no longer the same, the state of consciousness has changed, there has been an inner growth that is reflected in the way of being and seeing the other. It has brought the learning that I am not going to save the world or anyone, much less change someone who is not ready/available to do so or who does not want help. I brought learning to accept, change the feeling of pity I felt for the other, for the

compassion for your process. It brought greater patience and the ability to wait for the right time, even if it still costs a lot today. It's a daily learning and exercise, because I don't know everything, I still have a lot to learn and I'm being tested every day by life's situations to assess my learning. Here I found another family, with hearts and old souls, in which, being each on their own level and path, they go hand in hand with each other in order to help untangle the tangles of each other's family system and to review each other's yourself and so also grow. Here we gradually discover our potential as well as pain and less simple situations in the family, which is not at all perfect, not always easy to accept or want to see, but as trainer Teresa Meneses says “Only the truth heals” and “ A hard truth is better than a life of deceit” and I agree and it fits perfectly, because that's the only way to move forward lighter. Family Constellations are nowadays part of my life, they have brought a great deal of learning, state of consciousness and vision towards a better behavioral understanding of others around me, with whom I deal, family and friends.

Therapy is a tool of great potential capable of bringing precise information at the moment,

harmonizing and leaving the client with the image of what happened during the constellation to later assimilate. I want to thank my trainer and friend Teresa Meneses who, over the last 4 years, opened the doors to me to this great therapy and believed in my potential, giving me the tools to better

can walk. Who is always available and is completely dedicated to this heart therapy. Very Grateful."

Carla Almeida

Amália Mendes

"The constellations led me to stop seeing everything with my mind's eye and realize that it is possible to open up when feeling, difficult for me!

This is done through commitment, believing that I have all the help of my therapist and trainer, who in the light of the constellations transmits knowledge to us and with practical work which leads us to realize that nothing around us is anarchic, there are laws of love that govern us, because we don't come to this life out of nowhere, ready to work 100% perfectly. 

We arrived to live a history of ups and downs, and it starts with my ancestral heritage, those who came before me created a family system of which I am a part, I belong there, but now  I am here to do different.

The fact that I realized this led me to accept that everyone, without exception, from generations before mine, as well as future generations, will drink from that source where the water that flowed, and flows, can be more or less pure. And I, now with this knowledge, can and want to "purify" that water through love, respect and acceptance, so that those who see below can have this part of the task resolved and apply themselves to being better people.

It is this vast, vast work that I want to do and that will never be finished, but that is the only possible way to find peace and thus contribute to a BETTER WORLD and, one day, leave lighter."_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Amália Mendes

Isabel Dias

"As Pessoa used to say, first you feel strange, then you get inside...

So are the constellations in my life...

When you understand the orders of love, strange...

When you want them in your life, they get ingrained... 

You start to see your life in a different change and everything in your life changes...

Talking about constellations and how much they changed my life... is talking about personal and family healing...

For me it's the therapy that makes the most difference in a person's life..

The potential for achievement, the repetitive patterns, the internal saboteurs... and everything that doesn't let you be who you are, and what you've come to...,

these are themes that come to light in the constellation... and your conscience will never be the same... and that's how it is..."

Isabel Dias

mafalda rabbit

"At the moment of the constellation itself, the best metaphor I can find is as if we were in a theater, while we are waiting for the curtain to be raised, we feel our whole being stir to finally pay attention to it. There, in that moment, everything remains uncovered, the good and the bad, while we see our “suffocating” happening before our eyes, while this reality unfolds, our breathing is suspended and within us all the repressed and guarded emotions arise, which never before we express and experience. In the end, everything is revealed and transformed. The feeling of lightness and peace prevails and remains in us, transporting us to another reality, our “vision” is no longer clouded and blurred and we can see our path with clarity. more clarity and certainty. At no time did I feel vulnerable or abandoned. There, in that room, we have the necessary strength to face our issues and adequate support from the group.

On the other hand, as a representative, I feel grateful, not only because I am helping others in the process of change, but it also allows me to get to know myself and become aware of my own blockages and areas of life that I need to work on myself.

On a personal level, the constellation has allowed me to develop personally and spiritually, opening the doors to a new world, which conquered me and to which I surrender daily. The constellation has allowed me to “see” beyond what my eyes can reach. Opening myself to feeling, we understand that we have arrived “home” and in that moment, not only are we in a safe place, but we feel the love that unites us all and, in the end, we are truly loved. It is an honor to be part of this path." 

Mafalda Coelho

anabela lopes

"Family constellations for me are like buying or renting a house, on the outside it may be beautiful but on the inside it needs a big cleaning. We can clean all the dirt that exists in it, but also clean it energetically. When you think that everything is in order order appears small setbacks like a lamp that insists on not turning on or a water pipe that is broken so are the constellations, the more you work what's inside you the lighter you are and the better you face the world. And what do you work on? For example the origin of your fears, relationships with others, insecurities, your inner child, your innermost possible self. Assuming that it is the relationship with our parents that is at the base, there are conflicts, which we create for the expectations we place on our parents."

Anabela Lopes

Fernando Torres

"Family constellations developed by the German philosopher Bert Hellinger, despite not being scientifically framed by some entities, represent several evidences that these same entities cannot frame, so we are at a scientific impasse that has not yet been unlocked because there is still no interest in take that step because it encompasses several aspects that society in general is not yet prepared to accept as it has occurred throughout history with many different situations that were also not accepted and confirmed. everything will become more understandable to everyone in general.

One cannot hide the truth that occurs in constellation sessions because all the energy surrounding the client in question is evidenced and felt, which is demonstrated by random representatives who are indicated, who only know the theme that the client has just stated . Just because the therapist and representatives do not know in advance what will happen, this therapy is considered to be something energetically transcendent, which is felt not only by those mentioned, but also by others who may be watching and see themselves in the same context. The result obtained from there is evident when you have this awareness and want to walk in that direction, because the life that previously occurred in a certain way, becomes understandable in another way, with another feeling, with another type of observation that even the date was not interpreted that way because we are not awake, nor at the right time to see it with these eyes.

Every human being intends to have the most dignified life possible, so he will have to have an open mind that nothing happens by chance, everything makes sense and happens in due time.

As it has happened and as recorded in history, we just have to wait for a Galileo of the modern era who will demystify all this therapy in the eyes of the skeptical and occult professors that exist in order to scientifically make sense of all the existing surroundings in this energetic field that reveals and relates the lives of each one of us while we walk around here.

Saying that scientifically it has not been proven, but not knowing how to prove what happens, feels and changes is what is difficult, this is the path that any entity should follow from the assessment it makes."

Fernando Torres

Maria do Carmo shines

"What can I say about Family Constellations? They totally changed my life...

I was taken by a friend to watch Teresa's work, I was depressed, very sad and felt immense loneliness, I had recently become a widow, and my daughter had left for another country. I was aimless, not understanding what was happening and my life was in chaos, the possibility of suicide was very present.

I was constellating my themes, guided/helped by the therapist Teresa, I was realizing/giving understanding to my pain, little by little, I felt that the support of medication no longer made sense, that it was just a way of not feeling my pain. ..

I was feeling/perceiving the "weights" that I passed on to my daughter and grandchildren, and things were changing, is it easy to understand/see that?? Not at all, feeling it hurts, but with Teresa's help I managed... many times she "came" to my attention that the path I was taking was not the best for me, for my daughter and grandchildren.

I ended up getting into training, today I see life in a different way, life is very "colorful", I am a small businesswoman, I continue to work, I bought a house, my relationship with my daughter has really improved a lot, now our relationship is mother to daughter and not emotional dependence.

I am a happy woman, I found another family in the group of constellations, in Teresa a friend.

I am grateful to God, to life and to myself, because I allowed myself to feel and trust."

Maria do Carmo Brilha

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