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Bert Hellinger


He studied philosophy, theology and pedagogy. Very young, he becomes a missionary and decides to teach in South Africa. He teaches the Zulus and, living with them for 16 years, he notices a very curious dynamic in the family. He begins to take notes of his observation and perception and upon his return home to Germany, he begins to study psychoanalysis and has completed various training courses in Primal Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming. Over the years, he finally created his own method, which he named Family Constellations. He traveled all over the world, and the therapy is known worldwide and is currently used in different areas: in psychotherapy, organizational and business consulting, pedagogy, medicine, justice, life counseling and education and assistance/explanation of life in the broadest sense. It is training for life and about life. It is a new way of “looking” at life and “seeing yourself” in it. It is a posture of  “agreeing with what is “ – as it is .

Graziella Freni

graziella freni


About the Freni Method®from the

Dr. Graziella Concetta 

The morphogenetic field of the GEMINI SYSTEM – Freni® Method

How to recognize that the central theme in the failures in our lives is connected with the theme of twins? Yeah, our generation is very attentive, regarding physical and psychic well-being. on a questpermanent dand ourselves, in recent decades we have acquired many practices to achieve our autonomy and fulfillment. Even so, the most important areas of life – the marital relationship, the relationship between parents and children, professional achievement, material prosperity, our health – still entail many difficulties. Today, we no longer suffer from the pressure to obey rigid social and moral behaviors, which demand from us a sense of duty and discipline, which still marked our parents. Despite this, it is still difficult for many of us to find our place in our society and achieve our goals and desires in a satisfactory way.

About Dr. Graziella Freni

Drª Graziella Concetta Freni, made the observation during her professional experiences of family and systemic constellation, that 97% of the clients that look for a constellator are only-born twins. The traumatized, surviving twin develops behavioral patterns, which were caused by intrauterine events and were exercised. These are directly proportional to your state of bodily and psychic maturity.

Engraved in cellular and bodily memory, these unconsciously act as the Matrix for all future experiences. The death of twins in the womb causes an interrupted movement in the survivor, which later has an effect on all parts of life. The endless search for a component of life, which cannot be concretely defined, increasingly diverts attention from the present and gradually interferes with the quality of life, while it imprisons all bodily energies.

Bert Hellinger's Family and Systemic Constellation and the works of Bettina and Alfred Ramoda Austermann are the basis of Dr. Graziella Concetta Freni's work. Dr. Graziella, recognized through phenomenological observations, that a client can, through his body memory, distinguish up to 250 twins and remain connected to them throughout their lives.

These are embryonic stem cells, which have a unique genome and differ from other twin embryos. Each stem cell begins its own development and can potentially mature into an embryonic organism, an embryo, a fetus, a newborn.

Also, it can be seen in the ultrasound examination, that in the early stages of pregnancy there are several amniotic sacs. These, too, have a great influence on the surviving twin's perception of himself and will have a consistent effect on his view of the world.

Dr. Graziella also noted that brain development is of significant importance. During the first 41 days the brainstem develops. Here, both the system of belonging and hierarchy are installed, in which the surviving twin takes its place. This hierarchy has an unconscious effect on all later systems.

Likewise, each survival mechanism is directly proportional to the developed mature brain.

Dr. Graziella discovered that twins build their own system in the mother's womb and this is an autonomous morphogenetic field that anticipates the family system.

Through the work method developed by Dr. Graziella, the client consciously integrates his twin brothers, who constitute his first system of belonging. The movement of life resumes exactly where it was interrupted. The client takes a step from survival to life, from reaction to action: Thus, energy is fully at the service of his life and reawakens the joy of living, which lies at the origin of our creation.

Graziella Concetta Freni

Creator of the Freni® Method – Constellation and Twin System

Born and raised in Germany, Graziella now lives in a small town in Sicily. He even studied medicine in Milan but ended up graduating in Foreign Languages and Literature in Messina. She worked as a sworn translator in courts and in 1999, after her eldest son had a serious accident, she learned about Family Constellations.

In 2001 he met Bert Hellinger and in 2004 Sophie Hellinger-   He started to study with them from 2008 and from 2009 he also started to translate Bert, Sophie and other Hellinger Shule teachers during international retreats, seminars and trainings. He also translated 2 books of “Aid to Life” from 2011 and “Bert Hellinger, My Life, My Works” from 2019 both into Italian.

In 2009, after studying, he understood that he was a “surviving twin” and began to conduct his first seminars in Sicily centered on the topic. In 2012, she graduated as a Professional Counselor, specialist in Family Constellations with the Bert Hellinger® Method, where she presented her thesis on Missing Twins.

In 2015 he registered the Freni ® Method - Gemel Systemair and in 2016 published the book “Constelações e Sistema Gemelar – Freni Method®” not yet translated into Portuguese.

In 2018, he began teaching the method he developed through the Associação Centro de Estudos Ad Vitam Geminos and is currently having training classes in Italy and, since July 2020, also in Brazil.

Juan Carlos Arias Quintana


He is the Originator of River Constellations and Creator of Hydrosystemic Theory for Family and Organizational Systems.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Completed several training courses related to aid and human development.

It is precisely on a mountain in eastern Venezuela that his life changed.

In full contact with nature, and in its pool, this is how Fluvial Constellations were born more than 10 years ago, to offer multiple solutions to humanity, changing the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Juan Carlos Arias Quintana
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